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          Testing Services
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          Identify the Cause

          Allergies, respiratory infections and asthma often present with similar symptoms. With the ImmunoCAP® blood test, you can quantitatively measure specific IgE antibody blood levels and identify specific allergic sensitivities, including component testing for milk and egg.

          Tools for Your Patients
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          More Than a Mobile App

          With MyQuest™, patients can get lab results on their mobile device or desktop, be prepared for an emergency with critical health information, schedule and receive medication reminders, and schedule appointments at Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Centers.

          Tools for Your Patients
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          Fast, Convenient – Online Appointment Scheduling

           Your patients can enter their city and state or zip code to see available lab appointments. With a smartphone’s GPS we can identify locations nearest you.  Find out more.

          Testing Services
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          Allergy Testing

          With ImmunoCAP®, you can test for allergies and atopic disease in patients regardless of age or skin condition, and without worry of triggering a potentially life-threatening reaction.

          Dr. Anthony Horner

          Anthony Horner, MD

          Associate Medical Director, Immunology, San Juan Capistrano, California               Dr. Horner is a board-certified pediatrician with subspecialty certification in allergy and immunology. Request a consultation

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          Quanum Electronic Health Record (EHR)

          View and securely share patient history—lab results, prescriptions and, with our Certified Quanum EHR, the entire patient chart. Enjoy mobile access and ePrescribe from many devices including the iPhone® and iPad®.