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          Female doctor standing with mother and daughter.

          Is it a cold, or something more serious? The ImmunoCAP® blood test can quantitatively and identify the specific allergens.

          Genetic Testing for Developmental Delays
          Female nurse smiling at young girl with hands on the girl's shoulders.

          Fragile X syndrome is the most common inherited cause of developmental delay and mental retardation. Learn more about XSense®

          Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Screening
          It's Best to Test logo

          Are your patients at risk of chlamydia and gonorrhea infection? Find out why It's Best to Test.

          Male employee with glasses

          Eric Albright, MD, Pediatric Pathologist

          Eric Albright, MD is a Pediatric Pathologist who is part of our team of Pediatric experts.

          Doctors talking to businessman

          Webinar: Coagulation

          Pediatric coagulation case studies, presented by Diane Nugent, MD, Professor of Hematology at Children’s Hospital of Orange County.

          Lab staff performing culture test

          Webinar: Genetic Testing

          Buck Strom, MD, PhD speaks on genetic testing in the 21st century: trends and advances related to microarrays and testing for fragile x syndrome, a common cause of developmental delays.

          Vitamin D Testing_Clarke

          Webinar: Vitamin D

          Vitamin D deficiency testing and the LC/MS/MS advantage: risk factors for vitamin D deficiency and its health impact, as well as comparison of testing methods.