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          Senior HCP typing on laptop

          Get coverage details for preventive services

          From diabetes screening to personalized prevention plans, know which preventive services and screenings are covered by Medicare, and which are subject to certain, or other, limitations.

          Review commercial limited coverage

          Staff talking on the phone

          Our commercial coverage and coding reference guides can help you understand coverage limitations and find out which tests and conditions are considered medically necessary by the selected health plan—preventing potential disruptions to your practice.

          Coding for Medicaid patients

          Male HCP talking with female patient
          When submitting lab orders, you must provide ICD-10 codes that indicate the patient’s condition or the reasons for ordering the test. If those reasons are not considered medically necessary by Medicaid, coverage may be denied. Quest can help.

          Understand Medicare coverage

          Male HCP checking male patient's heart

          Navigating the complexities of Medicare limited coverage policies (MLCPs) can be challenging, but Quest is here to help. Review MLCPs for certain lab tests in our coding and coverage guides.